Licence to Practice Application

All entities applying for a Licence to Practice must demonstrate they meet the requirements of the Act, the SAA Bylaws and council policies. Corporations must fulfill the requirements as stated in Bylaws 12 and 13. Non-corporate structures are bound to Bylaw 13. Corporations and firms should take care to declare the correct firm structure at initial registration.

The SAA reminds firms that only registered SAA members listed on their Licence to Practice application will be able to practice under the licence. Please complete a Change Request Application Form to add or subtract SAA members who are eligible to practice under your licence.

All holders of a Licence to Practice are required to provide the association with confirmation of liability insurance. This insurance must cover the licence holder against a liability claim to a minimum amount of $250,000 for any one occurrence, and be provided by an insurer able to legally provide such coverage in Saskatchewan.

Corporate Registry

All firms applying for a Licence to Practice must set up their business entity with the Province of Saskatchewan through Information Services Corporation Corporate Registry. The SAA will grant consent for use of name upon SAA Council approval of the application. The Licence to Practice will be issued once the Saskatchewan Corporate Registry Profile Report is presented to the SAA. The firm shall not practice architecture in Saskatchewan UNTIL the Certificate of Practice is issued.


Partnerships with voting shares held by corporations rather than individuals must contact the SAA for instruction and requirements regarding the Licence to Practice application.

Changes to the Licence to Practice

As per the SAA Bylaws, the SAA requires all members and Licence to Practice holders to keep their records current and true. A Change Request Application is needed for any of the following:

  • Any change to a firm’s Licence to Practice, such as a change in firm name or change in corporate structure/ownership.
  • Addition or subtraction of registered members to the firm’s Licence to Practice.
  • For corporations, any and all proposed alterations or amendments to the corporation’s incorporating documents, bylaws, or corporate structure, including any unanimous shareholder agreements pertaining thereto.

Multiple Office Declaration

Firms with multiple office locations in Saskatchewan, including out-of-province firms with an office in Saskatchewan, are required to complete a Multiple Office Declaration for each additional office operated in Saskatchewan and must pay to required fees associated with this declaration.

Application Forms

Licence to Practice Application

Change Request Application
Multiple Office Declaration