Application Overview

The Saskatchewan Association of Architects, as the regulatory body of architecture in the province, registers architects as members and licenses firms. Both individual membership and a licence to practice are required in order for an architect to be able to practice architecture in the province of Saskatchewan. While an individual may register with the SAA without associating with a licensed firm, this does not render them eligible to practice architecture.

As defined in The Architects Act, 1996 2 (q), “practice of architecture” or “architecture” means:

(i) preparing or providing, for hire, gain or hope of reward a design to govern the construction of a building that has as its principal purpose human habitation or occupany; or

(ii) examining a building that has as its principal purpose human habitation or occupancy to determine whether the construction is in general conformity with the design governing the construction of the building, and reporting on the construction of the building.

Protection of title

22(1) No person other than a member shall use the title “Registered Architect” or “Architect”, the abbreviation “S.A.A.”, or any word, title or designation, abbreviated or otherwise, to imply that the person is a member.

The provision of architectural services, which includes activities such as the preparation of drawings and completion of feasibility studies, prior to the issuance of a Registration and Certificate of Practice, may be prejudicial to the granting of a Licence to Practice.

Application Submission

Please select the appropriate application and, once completed, submit the original document to the SAA complete with payment of the appropriate fees. Complete applications will be reviewed by the SAA Registrar and SAA Council, requiring approximately 60 days processing time. Incomplete applications will be held up to 60 days after which they will be returned or destroyed.

Application Fees

For a detailed list of fees, see current

SAA Fees, Fines, and Charges