Schedule of Fees & Services

The standard method of calculating architects’ fees is based on a percentage of the cost of construction plus reimbursement of direct project expenses. Other methods of fee compensation such as lump sum agreements, hourly cost contracts and a combination of percentage fees and lump sum arrangements are available for unique situations and may be developed on a project-by-project basis. Compensation outlined in the schedule of Recommended Minimum Professional Fees provides for the cost of full scope architectural, structural, mechanical and electrical engineering design expertise.

The scope of professional services that architects deliver under a full service contract is outlined in the Canadian Standard Form of Contract for Architectural Services. A breakdown of the full scope of services is shown in the Sequence of Basic Services, with a summary of optional architectural work for which additional fees are charged.

SAA Fee Schedule
SAA Fee Schedule – Sequence of Basic Services

SAA Schedule of Hourly Rates – 2016 Practice Bulletin Professional Fees