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Important Information for SAA Members Regarding the Con Ed Cycle

With the cancellation of the SAA conference, and many other conferences and in-person continuing education opportunities for members due to COVID-19, the SAA will be implementing the following changes to the 2018-2020 Con Ed cycle:

  • Six month extension to the current cycle (now ending: December 31, 2020).
  • There will be no cap on carry forward hours for this (2018-2020) cycle so as to allow members who have already fulfilled their Con Ed requirements to keep accumulating learning hours for the next reporting period.
  • The next Con Ed cycle (2020-2022) be 18 months in length.

The SAA has communicated this decision to our Canadian regulatory counterparts. Members registered with other jurisdictions are advised to check with those jurisdictions regarding possible changes to their current reporting cycle.

Continuing Education

The Saskatchewan Association of Architects’ (SAA) mandatory Continuing Education Program enables architects to keep current with the profession, master new knowledge and skills, plan for the future, and responsibly meet the role society entrusts to our professionals. Continuing education is a mandatory requirement for all registered architects practicing in the province of Saskatchewan.

SAA 2018-2020 Guide to Continuing Education

Continuing Education Reporting

The current reporting cycle is July 1, 2018 to June 30, 2020.

Please report your Core and Self-Directed hours on the RAIC Transcript of Continuing Education webpage. If you have any questions or require log-in assistance, please contact the SAA at 306.242.0733 or the RAIC at 613.422.3617.

Since the implementation of the 2018-2020 Guide to SAA Continuing Education Program, the SAA has been working with the RAIC to incorporate the new categories into the reporting transcripts. Unfortunately, the new SAA categories will not be able to be displayed on the RAIC transcript database. The following charts illustrate the “work-around” for entering 2018-2020 Continuing Education activities utilizing the existing transcript categories:

2018-2020 Core Category2016-2018 Core Category
Architectural Practice and Business
Project Planning, Design &
Construction Regulations
Building Science & Environment
Conference Sessions
Core Carry-OverOther (limit 8)


2018-2020 Self-Directed Category2016-2018 Self-Directed Category
Professional & Community ServicesProfessional & Community Services (limit 25)
Organized Learning ActivitiesDiscussion Groups (limit 25)
AcademicPresentations and Teaching (limit 25)
Practical Self-LearningScholarly/Practical Research (limit 25)
Self-Directed Carry-OverOther (limit 27)


This process will remain in effect for the full 2018-2020 Con Ed cycle.

If you have entered activities in categories other than the ones identified for use, the transcript category can be changed (within Core or Self-Directed, but not between them) by clicking the “edit” tab and changing the category.

If a SAA member changes their primary jurisdiction, they must report this information to the SAA immediately.

Approved Core Learning Activities

A list of approved Core learning activities.