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Prairie Design Awards

At a special event hosted by the Saskatchewan Association of Architects, the 2016 Prairie Design Awards were announced June 3, 2016 in Regina, SK

The Prairie Design Awards are presented biannually by the Alberta Association of Architects (AAA), the Saskatchewan Association of Architects (SAA) and the Manitoba Association of Architects (MAA) on a rotating basis. The Awards represent an opportunity to honour the uniqueness of the region’s powerful landscapes and the evocative history of its iconic prairie forms. More importantly, the Awards celebrate excellence in design across the prairie provinces, recognizing the talent, skill and commitment of architects and designers in realizing buildings, landscapes and interiors that surpass the expectations of their clients while elevating the standard of design and construction in Western Canada.

Representing a wide range of building types – from dinosaur museum to courthouse to portable pop-up library – the projects were chosen from cities and towns across the prairies: Winnipeg, Saskatoon, Edmonton, Calgary and Wembley, Alberta. The buildings, installations and landscape/urban design interventions represent significant contributions to these communities, substantially improving the quality of life for their citizens through the creation of profoundly human environments and enhancements to the public realm.

One hundred and one submissions were received in four categories: Recent Work, Small Projects, Landscape Architecture, and Interior Design. Of the ten projects selected, four received an Award of Excellence, and six were recognized with an Award of Merit.

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Premier Design Awards – Design Council of Saskatchewan

Held in conjunction with Design Week, the Premier’s Awards of Excellence in Design recognize the great applied design work being done right here in Saskatchewan.

The award categories are as follows: architecture, community planning, engineering, graphic design, interior design, landscape architecture and integrated (an integrated entry demonstrates significant involvement of three or more member associations throughout the project and cannot be entered in any other category).

A jury composed of one representative from each member association (and may include invited guests from the Design Week Speakers Series) evaluate entries on criteria appropriate to each category.

The competition is open to certified individuals and corporate members who are in good standing with a DCS member association.

Entries must be designed in Saskatchewan by Saskatchewan personnel and have been completed within the two-year period prior to Design Week.

All entries in the competition are displayed to the public during Design Week. At the conclusion of Design Week, a gala evening is held, where a professional designer from each association is presented with an award.

Winners from the event can be found here