Architecture in Saskatchewan


Architecture of Saskatchewan, A Visual Journey, 1930 – 2011
Bernard Flaman
University of Regina, CPRC Press, published 2013

The book chronicles building styles in the Canadian prairie province of Saskatchewan, part of the Great Plains of North America. Saskatchewan, a place once famous for its sod huts, has seen a revolution in design with buildings that reflect new technology and changing environmental ideals. The book picks up chronologically where a previous book, “Historic Architecture of Saskatchewan” (1986) left off and features more than 150 building photos – from gas stations and houses to businesses and academic buildings.

Architecture of Saskatchewan, A Visual Journey 1930-2011 by Bernard Flaman, 2014 winner of the Great Plains Distinguished Book Prize from the Center for Great Plains Studies at the University of Nebraska and 2014 Book of the Year Nominee, First Book Award Nominee and Publishing Award Nominee, Saskatchewan Book Awards.

Legacy of Worship: Sacred Places in Rural Saskatchewan
Margaret Hryniuk, Frank Korvemaker, Larry Easton
Coteau Books, published 2014

A spectacular full-colour celebration of the places people have made to worship in this province, and the stories of those who made them. Legacy of Worship profiles over 60 rural churches, representing 15 spiritual denominations. These sacred places illustrate the finest of Saskatchewan’s art and design. Rural religious gathering places often display the work of folk artists and craftspeople, as well as that of professional artists and architects; they are the last repository of primitive art and such crafts as metal-smithing, needlework, and weaving.

This book presents some of Saskatchewan’s most interesting sacred places – places that illustrate how beauty in any form inspires and nurtures the soul. They demonstrate the universal, eternal need for art and beauty, and the importance of valuing and protecting the religious architectural heritage so important to our identity.

SASK a catalogue of contemporary architecture in saskatchewan
Jyhling Lee
Available at

This publication introduces recent notable works of contemporary architecture in Saskatchewan and offers a snapshot of a transitional moment in the history of architecture in the province. Featured in this catalogue is a selection of building projects from across the provincial geographic regions completed between 1993 and 2010.

Online Resources

Historic Architecture of Saskatchewan
Focus Publishing Inc 1986

Form Follows Function: The SAA Celebrates Its Centennial
The following articles were originally published in WORTH Magazine’s 2012 celebration of the 100th Anniversary of the Saskatchewan Architects Association and are posted here with the permission of the Architectural Heritage Society of Saskatchewan.

Part 1: In the Beginning – Pre-1912 (PDF)
Part 2: The Early Years – 1912 to 1945 (PDF)
Part 3Post War Regeneration – 1945 to 1965 (PDF)
Part 4Evolution to Modern Scale & Design – 1965 to 2011 (PDF)


Focus Saskatchewan
Includes photos of many historic rural buildings & homesteads.

Edifice & Us: SCN series on Saskatchewan Architecture

The Man Who Built My Childhood
A profile of, and a tribute to, Saskatchewan architect Joseph Pettick.

Saskatchewan Architecture: A presentation of work by SAA members (2014)