Non-Practicing Architect

An architect (non-practicing) who is employed with an organization, a non-architectural business, or an unlicensed architectural corporation or firm will be required to sign a Non-Practicing Declaration form. This requirement applies specifically to those who are employed with the government (federal, provincial or municipal) or an institution such as a university, school board, etc. In the event that an SAA registered architect leaves an employment situation with a licensed firm, they are also required to sign a non-practicing declaration immediately, as well as return their member seal. Individuals found to be practicing architecture without a licence shall be subject to discipline.

Forms & Applications

Applicants should review the application process on the Registered Architects page and submit the appropriate Membership Application forms (complete with Registered Architect Non-Practicing Declaration form). Applicants should also review the 2014 Practice Bulletin pertaining to Non-Practicing Architects (link below).

Registered Architect Non-Practicing Declaration
2014 Practice Bulletin, Non-Practicing Declaration