The Saskatchewan Association of Architects (SAA) invites graduates from accredited schools of architecture to launch their careers in Saskatchewan. A $10,000 Bursary/Repayable Award will be awarded to a maximum of three eligible applicants. Recipients are chosen annually by a committee appointed by the Council. The Bursary/Repayable Award will be forgiven when the recipient completes three years of internship and employment in Saskatchewan.

The SAA established the Bursary/Repayable Award Program to encourage growth of the profession of architecture, and to promote the retention of architects in Saskatchewan. Intern architects in Saskatchewan are welcomed by the greater design community. They actively impact and contribute to the cultural exchange of the cities and communities where they practice. Senior architects support and provide valuable opportunities for interns to obtain firsthand experience in the field of architecture.

The program is fully funded by members of the association and is available for students and graduates of a qualifying architectural degree program. Students of all accredited Canadian schools are automatically eligible; architectural students from other accredited North American schools may also apply but will be required to obtain a CACB Certificate and present their career plans.

Deadline for Applications: April 2, 2020

Please see the application form for more program details:

2020 SAA Bursary/Repayable Award Application